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Mr. Happy's Hat Classic Clear Condoms
Lubricated clear latex condoms
This is the standard hat which lovers of all ages are most familiar. Molded on forms exactly fitted to Mr. Happy's personal dimensions and lovingly dipped into high quality hot clear liquid latex before adding an individual dollop of silky lubrication, these condoms are designed to give lovers the slippery smooth sensation they've come to associate with Mr. Happy's Hats. Mr. Happy says, IF YOU LOVE YOUR LOVER, YOU WILL LOVE THIS HAT!!!
12 condoms - $7.39
24 condoms - $12.49
48 condoms - $22.49

Please contact us for large orders


People were asked: “If you had the opportunity, would you rather:
1) work?
2) eat?
3) play? or
4) use a Mr. Happy’s Hat condom?

Voters overwhelming chose # 4 - to use a Mr. Happy’s Hat condom!



Mr. Happy's Hat Assorted Colored Condoms
Lubricated colored latex condoms
Mr. Happy's many personalities are exhibited and enhanced when he wears a "Mr. Happy's Colored Hat". These different colored condoms add an element of wonder and surprise to an already delightful event. If you are looking for something new and different, try Mr. Happy's Colored Hats. Mr. Happy says, FOR VARIETY WITHOUT THE HEARTBREAK, CHANGE THE COLOR OF YOUR HAT, NOT YOUR PARTNER!!!
12 condoms - $7.39
24 condoms - $12.49
48 condoms - $22.49

Colors included in assortment: Red, Orange, Green, Blue

Mr. Happy's Hat Flavor-Full Flavored Condoms
Lubricated, flavored, colored latex condoms
These are truly condoms for all occasions. Lubricated, colored, AND flavored, APPROPRIATE FOR ALL OCCASIONS, THEY GO ANYWHERE. Mr. Happy's Multipurpose Hats not only cover Mr. Happy for the usual events, they are good for the unusual events as well. Mr.Happy's Multipurpose Hats are brilliantly colored and exquisitely flavored. As Mr. Happy says, IT'S NEVER BEEN IN BETTER TASTE!!!

12 condoms - $7.39
24 condoms - $12.49
48 condoms - $22.49

Available flavors
(click flavor to order)
: Chocolate - Strawberry - Grape - Coffee  Assorted Flavors

Please contact us for large orders

Mr Happy's Baseball Cap Plus 8 Clear Condoms

Mr. Happy's Hat HAT! Own or give a handsome dark blue baseball cap with an embroidered Mr. Happy's Hat logo. It has an adjustable band on the back and a hidden patented Pro-PocketT compartment just the perfect size to store your Mr. Happy's Hat condoms or whatever you like. Walk with confidence with Mr. Happy's smiling face above yours.
SALE PRICE - $24.00

Dura™ Pleasure Dams

Ultra-thin 0.07mm, high quality latex dams for safe oral sex. 6" x 10", individually wrapped, lightly scented with mint.

10 - $8.95
20 - $16.95

Please contact us for large orders

Slide Personal Lubricant
into love with Mr. Happy’s Hat Slide Personal Lubricant.
This silky smooth water-based, water-soluble lubricant helps you ease into romance. It is condom-compatible, moisturizing and washes off skin leaving no residue, only your lovely memories.

2.5 oz. bottle (64 grams) $16.00


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